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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Christmas Fabrics - Triangle Quilt-A-Long - Week #2 Cutting Triangles

The Sassy Quilter
Not being content in just doing a green triangle quilt, I also picked out a set of Christmas fabrics to make yet another triangle quilt:

And here are the triangles from these fabrics:
I just love the golds and reds and greens!

So with the green triangle quilt and the taupe triangle quilt, this makes 3 quilts for this quilt-a-long. Is it any wonder I have so many UFOs laying around?  But, having a weekly deadline may motivate me enough to ensure that these 3 quilts don't make it to my long-term UFO list.

Anyone else have an issue starting new quilt projects and then seeing yet another great project to work on before finishing up the existing project?

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