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Monday, June 23, 2014

Fusible Grid #1

I recently sent my new quilting friend in Australia, Moli Sparkles some fusible grid interfacing. This is a light weight, fusible interfacing, and it is marked in 1" or 2" grid pattern, also a 1" on point grid. To use a 2" square on a 1" grid, just use a 2x2 square. Likewise to use a 3" square, use a 3x3 square.

What's great about using the fusible grid is that the grid is already on the lightweight fusible. Just place the grid, fusible side up, on your ironing surface, and place your fabric squares on the grid. This lightly take them with an iron to fuse them down. If you only lightly fuse, then it is easy to remove the piece of fabric later.

I like using the clover mini iron, it's tiny, and it's great for tacking down each fabric square.

I have done a number of quilts using this fusible grid.  Way back in 2002, working with my cub scout group, we decided we were going to make 2 quilts for some local veterans.

Each cub scout brought red, white and blue fabrics, and I cut them up into 2" squares. Each cub scout designed several blocks using the colors and the grid to make a pattern. I then tacked down the squares onto the fusible grid.  Of course, I ended up taking the fusible grid to the ironing board at one point!

Then I sewed the rows, then I sewed the columns in each block. The sewing goes much more quickly than sewing all those little squares together, and your points all match with the grid.

This fusible grid is also great for doing watercolor quilts. Here is a wreath I did in purple:

You don't have to use just fabric cut into squares. In this quilt, some of the squares were made using 1/2 triangles, so that created a diagonal line on the purple ribbon.

The big time saving is you can sew the entire row at a time, and once you sew all the rows, then you sew all the columns at a time, so much quicker than sewing each individual square to another to make a row,

I got really excited when I got the 1" on point grid. Here are 2" squares on the 1" grid:

I needed a filler space in a bed sized quilt between 2 sets of blocks, and I love the on-point look.

Here is what the back looks like:

The interfacing is very light, and doesn't stiffen the fabrics much at all.

Has anyone else used this fusible interfacing with the built in grid?