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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching #35

September 2017 is the first month of the 12 month Sue Daley's Round We Go English Paper Pieces Block of the month. Each month you make 4 blocks. I have subscribed through Webfabrics. Each month you get a seed packet with the papers to make 4 identical blocks, changing out the fabrics.

While I have been sewing hexagons, this is a new challenge with all the different shapes: half hexagons, diamonds, and this outer curve that I'm still trying to figure out.

And here is my first block:

Meanwhile, I continue to sew my vast collection of thread basted hexagons into flowers. I'm still working through my bag of 1 1/8" hexagons, that I based from a batik jelly roll, so I got 40 fabrics and made 6 x 1" hexagons and 6 x 1 1/8" hexagons, along with some 1/2" hexagons - I just couldn't waste the bits of fabric between the large hexagons on the jelly roll!

To celebrate the first day of fall, here are some fall reds.   I've been playing with getting some exciting fabrics for the centers, in some cases from large florals, fancy cutting.

Have you been slow stitching on Sunday?

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