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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Comfort Quilt Challenge 2019

Sarah over at confessions of a fabric addict has a Comfort Quilt Challenge going on for 2019:

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

Here are some of the Comfort Quilts I have donated to the Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center in clinical affiliation with South Shore Hospital (Weymouth, MA - South Shore Boston, MA).

Have some blocks from an unfinished quilt? Turn them into a lap quilt to donate:

Some 6 1/2" squares laying around? make a quick lap quilt:

Random pieces of fabric?  Make an interesting quilt:

3" x 6" bricks make an interesting quilt:

using up some appliqué shapes

MLB baseball fabrics for baseball season:

More blocks from a UFO laying around:

Red/White/Blue fabrics make a great quilt:

As do random floral fabrics:

What these look like stacked on a chair:
View from  the trunk:

and view from the passenger door in the rear:

and closeup showing quilts vertical between the 2 piles so my rear view is not blocked, and you can pretty up some solid fabrics by doing some machine appliqué:

and view from the drivers door in the rear:

All told, 112 lap quilts were delivered to Weymouth Hospital for the cancer patients. While it seems like a lot of quilts, there are a lot of cancer patients, and the head oncology nurse tries to give these to the stage 4 cancer patients, and the patients who may be back for the second or third or even forth time for treatment. I try and get a shipment out each quarter, 4 times a year to keep the patients happy, and to reduce my stash. Even after a 1000 quilts, there still seems to be a lot of fabric I need to use up in my stash. Do you have this problem?


  1. Amazing! What a great accomplishment. You certain have inspired me to make better use of my scraps and fabric stash. Kudos~!

    1. There is a gold mine in our scrap bins. It takes real effort to use them all up, and when you tell your quilting friends, some of them are glad to donate some of their scraps. So I have the almost never ending scrap bin. Mix with some blender fabrics, and it is easy to make quite a few quilt tops with a simple pattern.

  2. They are beautiful! You are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you. It constantly amazes me how you can mix ugly fabrics with the normal and really nice ones, and the quilt looks fabulous! Everything in moderation.

  3. That is an awesome acccomplishment! As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that your quilts are much appreciated! Thank you for serving your community in such a beautiful manner! I do believe my scraps multiply at night! :)

    1. I know that my scraps multiply when I am not looking. You start with a bin, and it is amazing how many quilts you can get out of those fabrics. It's hard to empty that bin. And everywhere I look, I turn over more scraps that are tucked away.

      Congrats on being a survivor!

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