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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Garden Path Quilt Blocks - Fujita Maze from McCall's Quilting Magazine.

Garden Path quilt block from McCall's Quilting. Pattern available online at :

Also called "Fujita Maze".  The first two blocks Are done in Japanese Taupe fabrics. This is the first quilt I am making using Japanese Taupe fabrics. After making 30 blocks in a 5 x 6 layout (still to be sewn into a quilt top) I started on using some floral FQs I had laying around, as a maze is an age old garden design. Quite a different look with the very same block.

block details: Finishes at 14", center square is 6"

Here are some other Japanese Fabrics that I am using in the quilt. This are what some shop owners call "Top Shelf" Japanese Fabrics, as they are woven and not printed.  The top two fabrics are light taupes with some woven threads, they are very nubby and have a great texture.

The bottom two fabrics have much more woven design using multiple colors. I especially love the red and purple threads randomly places in the black fabric.


  1. Hi Paul: It's so great to see my block design through another person's creativity! Bravo!

    1. I'm making 2 more sets of blocks, one with a purple maze, and another with a turquoise to make a reversable quilt for my daughter. This is a great pattern that really shows off the fabrics, and my family loves the way the blocks and quilt tops turn out - haven't actually finished by quilting a top yet, maybe this winter.

    2. Susan, I have the borders on the taupe one, 6x5 (30 blocks), and the garden one I have started piecing the rows together (another 6x5 quilt). I have a few blocks done in aqua and in purple for my daughter's quilt, which will be a double sided one, one side purple maze, the other side aqua. It's just such a great pattern and I love it with my special fabrics that I never wanted to cut up.

    3. I have a new posting with photos of the completed quilt top:

    4. Susan, I have my next quilt top done except for the final border:

      Really love your pattern, and everyone who sees my quilts just love the way the pattern allows the wonderful fabrics to shine.


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