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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday #2

With slow stitching, it's slow going.  Here is my progress for the week, but I will admit I didn't spend much time on hand stitching.  Putting the hexagons together requires good light for stitching so I can see the edge of the fabric and just bite into both fabrics.  It's much harder at night to get enough light. I noticed this when I had some time to stitch outside in the sun on Saturday afternoon. I noticed I could really see what I was up to.

So this is my hexi flower, made from 1/2" hexagons.  The 1/2" is the length of one side.  I decided to photograph against a ruler so you get a feel for the finished size.  I'm making a range of sizes, from 2" hexagons down to as small as 3/8" - I've actually made some 1/4" (that's 2/8" or 4/16") but those haven't made it into flowers yet.  I'm focusing on the 1/2" (8/16") and 7/16" ones for now, just for a slight change in scale.

I'm thinking of making some bias stems to appliqué these onto a quilt, maybe in a border. 

Hope you had a great weekend stitching.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching - #1

I've been making english paper pieced hexagons for a couple of years, and I'm enjoying the process. I've made a lot of hexagons, but haven't done much with them yet.

I've started putting them together, and I have some different sized flowers. The larger are 1" hexagons, and the smaller are 1/2".

And I've branched out into diamonds as well. You can make these diamonds from a 2 1/2" wide jelly roll strip. This is a 6 pointed diamond. I haven't sewn up any 8 pointed diamonds yet, I also have 1/2" diamonds, which are really small, and these I haven't sewn together yet either.

Posting as part of slow stitching Sunday, where we stitch by hand.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

It All Adds Up Quilt A Long - part 2

All People Quilt is having their quilt-a-long: It All Adds Up, and I'm following Bonnie Hunters guide and going through my 2 1/2" scraps and making and pink and purple plus quilt.   Using the instagram tag #apqquiltalong

What is the APQ Quilt-Along?

Here is my previous week's worth of "+" blocks using my pink and purple theme from my scraps

Slowly,  I am making these 6"x8" blocks.  I like how they are turning out, no two the same.