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Monday, June 9, 2014

April & May Completed Strip Quilts for Hospice

Life has been quite hectic and I have not achieved much in the way of completions for 2014.

However, I did managed to get another 3 strip lap quilts completed in April.

and 5 more in May:

So that makes 8 more strip quilts towards my goal for 30 for 2014.

My quilts so far are:
  February - 6
  March     - 3
  April       - 3
  May        - 5

So I have 17 towards my goal of 30, not quite halfway through the year, and I have more than halfway towards my goal of 30.

So now I am busy piecing strip tops. I had sewn a bunch of strips together in April, and they sat in a bag for 2 months. Now that summer is upon us, I need to get moving if I am going to make the goal for end of year.

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