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Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Is the Year to Work on UFO's

January is the time of year we all make resolutions that we tend to forget later in the year.

This year I want to make a serious dent in my pile of UFO's - UnFinished Objects : quilt blocks, quilt tops, and quilts.

Right now I have 
  1. a big pile of quilt tops that need to be quilted and bound
  2. a pile to quilt tops that need borders to be finished tops
  3. a pile of started quilt projects, many almost complete
  4. a pile of just started quilt projects
  5. a pile of quilt ideas
I need to start with a quilt from #1 - a quilt top that needs to be quilted and bound and start machine quilting.

Maybe I need to make a list of projects in each of the above categories, and pick one to work on this month.

Are you working on finishing a UFO?