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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Stash #3 - Bali Crackers & Food

It's Sunday and I'm going to try and post again with Moli Sparkles Sunday Stash

Molli Sparkles

I managed to get a good closeout deal on some Bali Crackers, there are the Hoffman batiks, cut 10" x 10", and you get 40 to a package. I got :
top row:       Brown Sugar; Tiramisu; Parfait;
bottom row: Wild Berry; Rum Raisin; Macaron:
I also managed to get the 2 1/2" strips for some batiks, but that is for another Sunday Stash.

And I picked up these wonderful food Fat Quarters: Chocolate bars (all mis-spelled to get around copywrite? "SNECKERS" instead of snickers, "Kit Cat" instead of "Kit Kat" - never noticed this when I was picking out the fabrics; mushrooms; chicken wings; mac & cheese; pretzels; curly fries; and last but not least, carrots.

I'm looking at making a food quilt for my son. I've amassed a stash of pizza, hot peppers, and other foods. Next Sunday Stash I'll include a few more new food fabrics I found.

What new fabrics have you picked up for your stash?